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Descriptor: Everett Dirksen


Dirksen at his desk on the Senate floor

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Dirksen as Congressional Leader

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Dirksen at his desk on the Senate floor Unions vs. Right-to-Work Dirksen as Congressional Leader On Changing One's Mind

ID: 1964/sb3/17/8
Date: August 7, 1964

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ID: 1965/SB11/14/16
Date: September 30, 1965

Larger Image: 65.08KB

ID: 1966/SB21/4/18
Date: September 22, 1966

Larger Image: 84.7KB

ID: 1967/SB26/3/33
Date: September 22, 1966

Larger Image: 49.23KB

Link to Descriptor: Howard H. Baker Dirksen’s Character Dirksen’s Speech

Everett Dirksen

Dirksen Welcomes Howard Baker to Senate Dirksen’s Character Dirksen’s speech Everett Dirksen

ID: 1966/SB21/4/19
Date: November 13, 1966

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ID: 1967/sb25/4/37
Date: February 3, 1967

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ID: 1967/sb25/4/36
Date: February 13, 1967

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ID: 1967/sb24/4/35
Date: April 24, 1967

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Dirksen’s Tousled Locks

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The Dirksen Ooze
Dirksen’s Tousled Locks A Senate Leader and Civil Rights The President and a Senate Leader The Dirksen Ooze

ID: 1967/bx4/3a-b
Date: September 19, 1967

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ID: 1968/SB31/3/41
Date: 1968

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ID: 1969/SB33/4/46
Date: January 31, 1969

Larger Image: 118.92KB

ID: 1969/sb34/4/49
Date: March 3, 1969

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A Politician's "Flexibility" The Death of a Statesman    

ID: 1969/SB34/4/50
Date: May 22, 1969

Larger Image: 30.16KB

ID: 1969/SB37/5/11
Date: September 9, 1969

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