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Instructions and Use

The Dirksen Center's Editorial Cartoon Collection consists of two components:

Chronological Listing permits browsing through thumbnail images of each cartoon with some textual matter. Each thumbnail image follows the another according to date. Each list of thumbnails consists of ten GIF images. Moving from one list to another is done by clicking on the "Previous" or "Next" links at the top of each page. Each thumbnail image is linked to another image, the larger image version.

The larger images contain more text, including the full caption of the cartoon, links to the related lesson plan, a link to an even larger JPEG image, and descriptors for each cartoon. Other images with the same designation from the Subject Listing page can be pulled up by selecting one of the descriptors.

To get back to the Chronological Listing, click your browser's "Back" button and click on the "Chronological Listing" inkblot image found at the top of the page. To access the Chronological Listing from this page, click here.

Subject Listing works in the following two ways:

  1. As a textual index similar to indexes found at the back of books. It is organized alphabetically and includes "see" and "see also's." Clicking on any of the topics brings up all the cartoons (thumbnail images) associated with that particular topic. The thumbnail images are arranged in tile fashion. To see the larger image with textual content, click on the "View Full Size" link found beneath each thumbnail image. NOTE: NOT on the thumbnail image itself.

  2. The thumbnail images act as links to additional sets of thumbnail images with related subjects. For example, you found a cartoon including a picture of Dirksen. This cartoon might be part of the topic "Dirksen" and would pull up along with all the other thumbnail images portraying "Dirksen" using the appropriate subject heading.

At this point, clicking on the actual image in the "Dirksen" topic tile listing, the second attribute, in this example, "surgery," is selected and all the thumbnail images portraying something related to surgery appear. This allows the subject headings to be hot–wired into the links.

Clicking on one of the actual thumbnail images makes it easy to go from one subject to another rather than having to look in the Subject Listing each time. However, you still have the option to go back to the Subject Listing by clicking on the "Go to the Subject Listing" link. For a more refined search, click on "View Full Size" and select one the descriptors to the right of the image. To access the Subject Listing from this page, click here

Value of Cartoons for Educational Purposes


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