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Analyzing Editorial Cartoons: Lesson Plans Index



Cartoon Title

Cartoon Date

Cartoon ID
Foreign Aid No Date ID: 1nd/bx/7/2
1950 Senate Campaign 1950 ID: 1950/bx/2/5
1960 Presidential Campaign 1960 ID: 1960/bx/8/6
Domestic Program July 29, 1961 ID: 1961/bx/13/2
The President's Program 1963 ID: 1963/bx/1/1
Civil Rights Act of 1964 1964 ID: 1964/bx/3/10
Easy Ev May 7, 1964 ID: 1963/bx/3/8
Reapportionment September 9, 1965 ID: 1965/bx/11/3
Union vs. Right-to-Work September 30, 1965 ID: 1965/SB11/14/16
Democrats Need Dirksen 1966 ID: 1966/bx/4/11
Short Session Hopes January 9, 1966 ID: 1966/ot/17/3
The Great Society January 18, 1966 ID: 1966/bx/8/9
On Changing One's Mind September 22, 1966 ID: 1967/SB26/3/33
Republicans on Vietnam October 5, 1967 ID: 1967/bx/16/1
A Senate Leader and Civil Rights 1968 ID: 1968/SB31/3/41
The President and a Senate Leader January 31, 1969 ID: 1969/SB33/4/46
A Politician's "Flexibility" May 22, 1969 ID: 1969/SB34/4/50
The Death of a Statesman September 9, 1969 ID: 1969/SB37/5/11


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